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  • 20% discount on all large coffee at Cafe Kino
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Cafe Kino
Ul. Długa 32,
85-034 Bydgoszcz

+48 607 671 643

Additional information


Cafe Cinema has been brought to life in accordance with the dream of restoring its former glory ,

forgotten by the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz Long Street .

  • Every day , from early morning wake coming around the heart of our city unique aroma of coffee and fresh pastries. Our mission is to show you the new face of coffee. The Cinema Cafe coffee ceases to be the only agent that stimulates the body . Drinking aromatic espresso or latte is a gentle philosophy which expresses itself by engaging all the senses in every sip of coffee . In accordance with the principle that a cup of espresso is the sum of the smallest detail that needs to take care barista , our team are working best specialists who, like few people pay attention to every detail in all stages of extraction. In addition , we always provide you with good advice and are happy to give all the necessary information regarding the selection of coffee.
  • Cafe Cinema has to offer you a wide selection of teas and fresh juices. Going expectations busy Bydgoszczanom , we recommend our breakfast, lunch menu and delicious desserts.
  • We guarantee the freshness of our responsibility and given you the highest quality products.
  • In order not to be groundless , we invite you to Cafe Kino to find out the hard way that drinking coffee may carry
  • behind so much fun. However, to complete the happiness of October 9 in the basement cafe was launched only such cinema hall in Bydgoszcz .

We know that we can meet the diverse tastes of the residents of our city and together we prove that there is nothing more than a cup of coffee before the full emotional film screenings

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