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Exploseum Fabryka DAG
53°04'15"N 18°04'26"E

+48 883 366 056

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Exploseum – Military Technology Centre DAG Fabrik Bromberg


  • Exploseum is open on the former factory of nitroglycerin. This worldwide unique example of industrial architecture preserved in virtually unchanged since the Second World War, which indicates an extensive, modern exhibition that combines the traditional elements of the exhibition with new forms of media and narrative. Visiting a complex of seven factory buildings, connected by a network of narrow tunnels and corridors, are aware of the historical uniqueness of the place, because already the buildings themselves and their raw interior spined dark tale of slave labor of forced laborers, prisoners of war and detainees. The production line production zone of nitroglycerin, which moves visitors, robbed of equipment by the Red Army, was beautifully integrated into the undulating forest terrain blending into nature and współegzystując with her.