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ul. Halicka 22/61
85-137 Bydgoszcz


Additional information


Garden & Style is a relatively young company , but very resilient , was founded in early 2007 by MSc. Thomas Janczak . Garden & Style Company is engaged in the design and execution of complex gardens and green spaces :


  • at the premises of prestigious companies ,
  • office buildings ,
  • housing estates ,
  • urban greenery ,
  • resorts and recreational
  • sports facilities ,
  • hotels,

Shopping centers and industrial facilities.We specialize in the gardens of ” A to Z “, ie from design to effect. Individual approach to every task linked to knowledge, experience and dedication allow us to create gardens fully meet the expectations of our customers. Just as the name of the company we are trying to perform gardens with style so that they are unique , other than those in the neighborhood , and that they constitute a reason to be proud of its owners. We only work with professional and experienced szkółkarskimi and horticultural farms . For our services , we give full guarantee that they were made professionally in accordance with the art of gardening . Concerned about the best performance and customer satisfaction whole process of the garden is strictly controlled . Backed professional equipment we provide services of design, implementation and maintenance and care of the highest quality. We can provide you by a team of young but experienced gardeners .

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