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ul. Gdańska 59
85-005 Bydgoszcz

666 14 89 89

Additional information


Welcome to the restaurant Giovanni cafe & restaurant – st. Gdansk 59 (vis-a-vis the radio PiK in Bydgoszcz), which will seduce you friendly interior and friendly service. We offer Mediterranean cuisine.


  • In the hours 11:00 – 13:00 Welcome to the Business Lunch. Every day you meet in business matters, spend relaxing by the fireplace with your family at the dinner or invite a loved one for a romantic dinner with wine and jazz music.


  • We know how important are the different types of occasions (eg birthday of a loved one). Giovanni cafe & restaurant especially for your organizing events both private and professional premises.


Take a look at the menu, we hope that everyone will find a tasty dish for themselves.