Benefits for members:

  • -10% To repair the power supply / inverter 162 zł instead of 180 zł
  • -20% To repair the power supply / inverter 144 zł instead of 180 zł


KD Komp Serwis
ul. Stawowa 2a
86-022 Dobrcz

+48 888 850 587

Additional information


  • Our company was established in early 2013. We have several years experience in the repair of electronic equipment.
  • We have the right equipment and knowledge necessary to perform professional repairs.
  • For all our services we guarantee (the period depends on how the repairs before skonsultowanej with the client, especially for exchange / uBGA BGA).
  • Make repairs in accordance with the standards of IPC – have important cerytfikaty IPC-A-610 and IPC-7711/7721
  • Our stations are automatically controlled using the appropriate profiles for soldering heating systems of all sizes, ensuring a safe and professional exchange.

At each stage of repair make inspection of solder joints under a microscope, so that the customer has a guarantee that the mentioned systems we do not have cold soldering, and connections are stable.

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