Benefits for members:

  • 20% discount for the service with the Office of MDA 800 zł instead 1000 zł of 5000 zł for damages)
  • 30% discount for the service with the Office of MDA 700 zł instead 1000 zł of 5000 zł for damages)


Kancelaria MDA
ul. Wełniany Rynek 10/9B
85 - 036 Bydgoszcz

+48 783 340 641

Additional information

Welcome to the MDA

  • Our Law Firm has created people with extensive experience in the insurance industry and debt collection . The purpose of the office is to help those affected in the investigation due to the claims from insurance companies , local government units, transmission companies , and other entities that are responsible for the injury or pecuniary obligation .
  • We prepare all the required letter on behalf of the injured person and the creditor, and then we perform the entity responsible for payment of the benefit due .
  • Using the services of the Office of gives you the confidence to obtain high compensation for the damage suffered . The team of professionals provides free advice and consultation in each case. During the process of compensation and vindication client receives regular information about the progress and the progress of the case, until the effective completion. We guarantee assistance at every stage of the proceedings for compensation and vindication , including the settlement of a dispute through the courts .
  • Our law firm provides transparent rules of cooperation, enforce the highest , possible compensation and other compensation benefits and a fast and efficient recovery of receivables.

Company Salary is dependent on the amount of benefits obtained and taken only after due for the customer.By letting us your case the client does not take any risk. At the same time receives a guarantee of the effectiveness of our work.

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