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Our proposed activities are intended not only for those who are just starting their adventure with dance, but also for those who want to hone their dancing skills . In our studio we learn in groups for children , youth, students , adults and seniors eternally young . All participants in our classes have the opportunity to attend groups with varying degrees of sophistication and depending on the age group. We give you the opportunity to select the days and times at which you would like to attend our courses , as dance lessons are held throughout the week at different times of the day . For the best and most persistent intakes to organize dance groups ( formation Adelante ) . Classes are taught by experienced educators and trainers and excellent dancers. Their professionalism and excellent preparation , guarantees the high quality of their lessons . During the classes develop coordination, flexibility and elasticity of the body, keep fit , shaping grace , and above all a good time . .

And here is the whole truth about dance :
“The Passion of Life”
Everyone can dance ,
One more , the second – worse
But is not that what this is about,
How would anyone out !
The thing that’s the only
To find passion in dance cause,
To learn more about the other person ,
Which also waiting for you ,
Forgive thy all stumbling and weakness,
Because in your hearts the same joy guests
When this time is spinning
After starring slippery floor …
Waltz teaches you dignity ,
Rumba adds sensitivity ,
Once again you pokłóci Tango ,
Cha -Cha to tempt podrygów ,
Samba also add charms ,
Two for One – time injury
When such a lively polka ,
Jive and wypoci you to the ground ,
But when Salsa longer will settle …
Then there is no lack of passion ,
When you dance bachata ,
You will understand what is life for a dancer
Which by the passion going …

So, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Legs ready to dance ,
The body healthy, rested
And the music for encouragement.
The whole nation to dance moves ,
It rises to the skies soul
Dance because it – the temptation …

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