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  • 10% discount on pedicures | 63 zł instead of 70 zł
  • 10% haircut and modeling | 45 zł 50 zł instead of |
  • 20% discount on pedicures | 56 zł instead of 70 zł | Gold Card
  • 20% haircut and modeling | 40 zł instead of 50 zł | Gold Card


Studio Estetyki Solarium
ul. Dworcowa 22 Bydgoszcz

+ 48 727 907 990

Additional information


  • Visit our studio is a time of relaxation and detachment from reality. Professional service and individual platform to each of our client is the source of delicious well-being.
  • We offer you not only our knowledge and experience, but also the commitment, intimacy, comfort and smile accompanying each of our action. Esthetics Studio invites you to take advantage of the wide range of treatments.
  • Numerous training courses organized by the famous and renowned beauty brands at home and abroad have allowed us to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to assess the nature and the problem skóroraz to issue reliable diagnosis and selection of appropriate treatment. Individual attention, care and homely atmosphere makes everyone can feel in our office special.
  • Guests of our office always come out smiling and relaxed. We work exclusively on the best professional cosmetic products of renowned global brands.


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