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  • 20% discount on any tattoo (500 zł instead of 600 zł)


ul. Z. Krasińskiego 8
85-008 Bydgoszcz

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Additional information


Can any of you by looking on this tab is interested in some information about studies EDDIE TATTOOS, unfortunately disappoint you.

  • You will not find a lengthy description of what you did not make it to look for something – just a gallery, and so that will probably change frequently. There will not be any significant launch date, because it’s a new place so that information will not, and the way I will not be indicated at this age that I equal coal kopalnianemu.
  •  The only thing at this moment I can do is ask you where shows a map that you have checked themselves if it suits you to place and person, as well as her skills in this field, which potentially should you give your body to the enrichment of another thing which others will envy you !

You are cordially invited!

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