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Jaskinia Pod Jedlicą
ul. Broniewskiego 23
87-720 Ciechocinek

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Salt Cave is the latest original method of application of sea salt for medicinal purposes and relaxation. Featuring a microclimate microclimate is similar to that which prevails in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


  • Cave In Jedlicą is composed of salts derived from the native mineral deposits and the Dead Sea. At the cave microclimate working device called a cascade. It’s in her brine pumped through the use inhalation wet like practiced in spas. The brine contains extremely valuable for the body elements such as iodine, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, bromine, and selenium. Trace elements are present in the cave several times higher concentration than the sea. Therefore, the 45 – minute session in the cave means so much to our health every 3 days stay at the seaside.


  • A method of treatment employing the salt has long been known. Trace elements contained therein are components of body fluids and cells, play an extremely important role in metabolic processes. After a few sessions in the cave improves the efficiency of the body, effectively acting medications. Clean ionized air improves the health condition of our supports, but also in the treatment of many diseases such as upper respiratory tract diseases, bronchial asthma, various allergies, psoriasis, skin inflammation, and gastrointestinal disorders. Micronutrients help treat hypertension, hypothyroidism, cardio – vascular diseases. Visits to the cave is recommended to treat all kinds of neuroses and states of fatigue, enhance immunity of the body especially in the autumn – winter.

From our therapy may also benefit in the future we, and those struggling with addictions. Especially recommended screenings organized for children who are known to be more prone to various diseases and decreases immunity.