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Cabinet for Health and Beauty FELICITA

Enthusiasm and imagination. Passion, heart and enthusiasm. That’s how the study of health and beauty FELICITA. We have created an unusual place. The place where we meet the needs of our guests with great satisfaction and due diligence. A place that was designed for those who need our help. Cabinet for Health and Beauty supports the fact of the Foundation Helping Mom focused on comprehensive care and support of families in difficulty. We want to infect other bacillus help! Health and beauty is one thing, and helping the needy is our most important mission.

PORIN AQUA ULTRA EFFECT + sonophoresis (ultrasound)
This treatment intensively and lastingly moisturizes the skin from the outside and the inside. It is designed for all skin types after 25 years of age, skin especially dry and dehydrated, hypoxic and skin after excessive exposure to the sun.
• successively activates the natural network of aquaporins in the skin
• strengthens and regenerates the skin
• makes the skin soft and silky smooth
• improves skin firmness and elasticity
• improves skin comfort
• soothes and calms irritation
• gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance

LIFTING LASER PROGRAM + sonophoresis (ultrasound)
LIFTING TREATMENT company Bielenda
Treatment “Laser Lifting” is intended for mature (40 +), requiring lifting, loss of flexibility, also sensitive.
Effect of treatment:
• managing the effects of photoaging of the skin (eg lightens pigmentation, improves skin density),
• stimulates the process of renewal and regeneration,
• smoothes, improves the lifting and tightens the skin,
• fundamentally rejuvenates the skin,
• brightens and lightens,
• improves the contour of the face,
• gives the skin a healthy appearance,
• reduces wrinkles,
• strengthens the skin structure by maintaining proper voltage
and elasticity of the skin,
• neutralizes free radicals,
• Protects against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Ultrasound in cosmetics:

Ultrasound is a very safe method and can be used even on sensitive and prone to irritation of the skin. During surgery to place subject to special treatment is applied to the gel, so that the wave penetrates into the skin without any interference. Ultrasound produces heat that relaxes muscles, speeds up metabolism and melts the fat beneath the skin. During the procedure, the glands are expanded so valuable compounds penetrate deeper into the skin than the usual massaging preparation.
Relaxation massage is the most appropriate form of massage for people living under stress. It stimulates the skin and reduces muscle tension, restores normal heart rhythm, as well as improves blood circulation. Quiet and relaxing massage performed rhythmically reduces stress and related ailments such as headaches and back pain, impaired concentration, depression, or general exhaustion of the body.

This massage stimulates blood circulation and body fluids, helps get rid of waste products and toxins from the body. As a result of metabolism occurs to accelerate the reduction of fatty tissue. Is of inestimable power in cellulite treatment. In addition, Chinese cupping treatment nourishes, relaxes and tightens the skin, slows the aging process of the skin, stimulates cell renewal processes.

ANALGESICS TREATMENT: The treatment approach to the patient comprehensively, offering therapeutic massage classic, combined with the impact of ultrasound and electrostimulation.
It is a method of treatment of internal and external physical symptoms, and in many cases the causes of the disease. A mechanical teasing of tissues, exerting direct and indirect effects on the body. Classical massage is used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases such .: orthopedic, neurological, and others. Massage stimulates the tissue regenerates the muscles, improves blood circulation.
Ultrasound mechanical wave, resulting in variation of pressure in the tissue, whereby the bone is the phenomenon of “micro-massage”. They have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relax muscles, stimulate tissue regeneration.


Treatment of shock, or electrotherapy (in our case electrostimulation) is an area of ​​physical treatment, which for their purposes uses the current flow as a form of therapeutic stimulus. The goal of treatment is to minimize muscle tension, improve blood circulation, increase the absorption of edema and intra-articular effusions. Surgery is performed using standard electrodes.
INDICATIONS FOR TREATMENT: High levels of muscle tension,


Pain syndromes (eg. Tennis elbow, a painful shoulder pain, lumbosacral)

Bechterew’s disease,



Intra-articular effusion,

Paralysis, muscular atrophy,

Muscle pain.


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