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Professional Shop with rollers and skates Plich Christopher


Over the years, changed design and appearance of the rollers and skates. The largest companies spend huge money on research and development of new models and upgrades, while using all the latest technology. There is virtually season in which no new models was to occur. New not only in name but with new solutions or introducing elements of specialized equipment for recreational models.


The most popular form of riding is recreational riding. It is usually the first type of license with which we meet. It is a form of universal, because it gives a very high fun to drive, while it does not require any training regime and high costs. Learning the basics of roller skating or ice skating does not require too much time, but it is advisable to take place under the supervision of an instructor, or a friend of someone who no longer rides and has experience in this topic. The basic problem, which meet beginner skaters and skaters is the difficulty to maintain a balance, because at the beginning it is important to take the time to devote to training in this field. It is important that science was fully secure. Necessarily assume a helmet and pads protecting us against injuries. This will allow us to enjoy the ride and prevent the unpleasant effects of dump trucks, which may discourage us from further study. We need to remember that you can not learn to ride in 5 or 10 minutes. Mastering the basics will take us probably a couple of hours and not expect that after this initial course we ride like the pros. There is nothing, however, discouraged, seeing as the beginning of all us crisscrossing. If we regularly ride are skills faster and better technically drive will come with time alone.


And now a few tips regarding the purchase of our first roller and ice skates. At the beginning of space and price. The least expensive skates and skates can get in a few gold, but these are often poor quality products. Producers of such rolls are often unknown to the company, and their products can be damaged after a few hours of driving. In addition, the low quality also poses a threat to users. That’s why we take care of the beginning of the safety and comfort in a professional sourcing store. The best are small shops, dealing mainly in summer and winter roller skates, run by enthusiasts of the sport. In such a place the vendor to advise us what products you should buy taking into account our experience, age and expectations. In these stores you can also get information where you can learn to ride a role-skating or where there are good routes and spots. Assortment in such relatively small areas can be enormous and satisfy the most demanding customer, because the seller can bring any equipment with which we dream, and besides, we obtain where everything is connected with the roller and ice skates from hockey protective gear and equipment, to the smallest gadgets for people fascinated by this field.


The main factor determining the choice of rolls or ice skates are boots with skids in the case of skate blades, because they serve us the longest, and from them to the greatest extent depends on the comfort and quality of our drive. The basic version of the roller or ice skating professional company, although it does not contain many of the features we need, however, for a very long time, in contrast to the so-called roll. no name, often apparently seem to be better. Each higher model in the series contains more and more the more advanced solutions such. Intakes air from the bottom of the shoe, the shoe better, different locking system in the case of roller skates and driving fast thermoforming. Of secondary importance are replaceable parts, ie wheels and bearings. For recreational riding on roller wheels are up to 84 mm in diameter. Most often the first purchase does not have any influence on the type of wheel bearings and class, because they are already purchased the kit and at least at the beginning does not make sense to change it. After use in the first set we buy new wheels and bearings and then we choose the quality and class to our needs. As far as the wheel is the greater hardness of the slower they clash, in the case of bearing higher class allows for a faster ride. The topic of bearings, we must remember one important thing that the popular term “ABEC” does not tell us anything about the manufacturer and only about technology. The general rule is that the higher the number is faster placenta. But the most important thing is to see who is the producer of such bearings. In marketowych rolls are mounted on bearings “no name” marked as a symbol of ABEC 9 bearings but qualitatively it is beyond any classification. The rolls are mounted reputable companies decent bearings and not have to worry about the code “ABEC 5″ because for recreational riding completely suffices us and at first replacing the bearings, and so we assume that we want. As far as the blades are reputable companies use stainless steel and airline markets usually equipped with inferior steel that can quickly be eradicated and rust which translates to at a later time to which we incur substantial costs while focusing on the site. Other elements of equipment, or any pads, helmet and clothing are an individual matter, but equally necessary as the same roller and ice skates.

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