§ 1 Definitions

1 Owner – Wieslaw Naklicki entrepreneur conducting business under the name Naklicki Invest Wieslaw Naklicki located in Bydgoszcz , ul. Marshal Foch 26/1 ,
2 Members Card – a plastic card with an individual serial number , entitling the holder to use the services or products offered by the Partner on preferential terms.
3 Member – an adult who receives Members Card .
4 Partner – Entrepreneur Club members providing discounts on the products they offer or the services provided .
5 Portal – website where they were finding out information about the Partners , their offer and the amount of discounts granted to the members of the Club .
6 Regulations – these regulations
7 Administrator – ……………………………………………

§ 2 General terms and conditions

1 Card members can receive only a person of full age , which will fill a special form with your details such as ………………………….. and consents to the processing of personal data owl .
2 Members Card One card can be used only by one person.
3 Member receives Mebers Card ” for free ” without having to pay a fee .
4 Partner shall post in a conspicuous place emblem Members Card ( model below) , indicating in this way that his premises Member will receive a discount on any of the Partner’s products or services.
5 Member advantage offered by the Partner products or services is entitled to receive the discount specified on the Portal .
6 Partner may not refuse to grant the Member discount offered by its products or services.
7 List of all partners and their offers will be on the Portal, which will be updated .

§ 3 Obligations Owner

1 Owner agrees to :
a partner to share the current offer on the ;
b send information to members about current offers Partners ;
c available to the Members applications for ” iPhone ” and ” Android ” ;

2 The owner has the right to deprive a Member of the Members Card , if he uses the card in accordance with these rules.
3 In case of loss Members Card , owner at the written request of a Member will issue you a duplicate card fee

§ 4 Obligations Partner

1 Partner shall be treated as privileged Member by giving him a discount on the products they offer or services , has the right to refuse to grant the Member of the above mentioned discounts.
2 Partner should be placed in a prominent position at the entrance to the premises emblem stating that the premises Member will receive a discount on the purchase or make use of the services offered by the Partner.
3 Partner has the right to request from a Member of the presentation by the Members Card and write down the number of the card.

§ 5 Obligations of Member

1 Member advantage offered by the Partner products or services is entitled to receive a discount in the amount indicated in the tender partner at .
2 Member is required to provide Members Card before the contract offered by the Partner items or services.
3 Member has no right to transfer to use Card Members to third parties.
4 Member is required for every request Partner or Owner prove Members Card .

§ 6 Liability

1 portal content is subject to copyright under the provisions of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights ( OJ No 80, 2000 , item 904 with amendments ) , copyright to the materials contained in the pages of the Portal are limited to the Owner .
2 Any reproduction , including copying or other public dissemination of the above items requires the consent of the Owner.
3 Affiliate agrees to publish materials on its premises on the Portal .

§ 7 Privacy Policy

Portal collects personal information within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883. ) . Members and partners agree to the processing of personal data by the owner, also for marketing purposes. Members and Partners have the right to inspect and edit the data submitted to Owner .

§ 8 Final Provisions

1 The owner reserves the right to make changes in these rules without notice, Members and Partners , indicating only the date of the last modification of the Rules .
2 Requests, comments and complaints about the functioning of the Portal can be submitted in writing to the address of the Owner.
3 Regulations come into force on the date of the announcement on the Portal .
4 In case of change or cancellation as a result of a final court judgment , any of the provisions of this

Rules of Procedure , the remaining provisions shall remain in force and binding on the parties .